2016 Recap!

2016 has been a wonderfully crazy year! Our world has seen it's fair share of ups and downs, but the one thing that has gotten us through it all is love. For 20 amazing couples 2016 was the year they started the best chapter of their lives and I got to document it!

For me, 2016 brought one of my best friends getting engaged, two of my best friends welcoming their second little boy, shooting an amazing destination wedding, my parents moving to Charleston, and surprising Cody with a birthday trip to Chicago. But the best thing 2016 brought me was Charleston! Hopefully, 2017 will take us to a new city so that Cody can start school, but I couldn't be happier getting to spend another year in this magical city!

I am beyond blessed for the 2016 couples and for them allowing me to live my dream! I wish all of you all the love in the world and happiness in your marriages and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you! And now some of my favorite photos from 2016! Cheers!

2016 Gift Ideas

I LOVE Christmas! Decorating the house, Christmas movies, cookies... I could go on and on! This year we're celebrating with Cody's side of the family in Naples, Florida so we kept gifts super simple since we would be flying with them. But in case you're still hustling trying to find the perfect gift let me share a few of my favorite things! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season & a very merry Christmas! 

Sarah & Greg's Engagement Party

I'm lucky to have three best friends in my life who have become more like family. Lauren, Sarah, Alex, and I (named the fearsome foursome by Alex's hubby) have celebrated the highs and stuck by each other during the lows. These ladies and their sweet friendships mean the world to me! So when one of your best friends is fabulous and gets engaged you have no other choice than to throw her and her future hubby a fabulous engagement party! Sarah & Greg got to celebrate their engagement with friends and family over mimosas and brunch in their home in Augusta, GA. We got to meet new faces and laugh at old memories, but my favorite part of the day was after all the guest had left and the house was cleaned and all 9 of us (the fearsome foursome, our boys, and our godson) piled on the sectional, snuggled, napped, and watched football. These people are my type of people and I love them dearly! Congrats Boo & Greg! Can't wait until August! Oh, and I'm a bridesmaid! YAY!